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My Trip to Cu Chi’s W.A.R – Recreational

On Friday April 22nd I skipped school.

No I didn’t, I went on a school field trip with my classmates. Although there were some people that did. I’m not much a person that likes to go out on school field trips. I prefer skipping them, although no school would take students out hours away for no reason, because Im sure no teacher would want to take care of 40 students 2 hours away from our school. Especially some of the crazy kids we got. So I figured that this is important for me and that the teachers had good reason for the long boring car ride to Cu Chi not just to look at monkeys and plant trees. Overall I found the trip to be alright because I’m not a fan of going to places like Cu Chi to look at animals and smell their “releases” All jokes aside though this trip was a nice experience for me.

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